Since our founding in 2015, Planet's Brain Software Technologies has evolved from an idea to provide leasing software solutions for leasing companies to a renowned global enterprise with 45 employees and major customers across the world. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in Delhi, India, planetsbrain remains steadfastly committed to helping businesses like yours meet the challenges of an ever-evolving leasing environment with the most advanced leasing solutions available anywhere..

Planetsbrain Software, initially a minor group headed by software architects, administration specialists and a list of technocrats has now opened up its horizon to serve a huge clientele base in many countries of the world. Apart from this, their expert approach towards the entire web designing assignments amplifies to you the advantage of building affordable and cost effective software development solution.


Planet's Brain Software is your end-to-end partner for Open Source software conceptualization, development and deployment. We offer a full suite of software deployment services including support services like Consulting, Outsourced Product Development and Application Engineering. Planet's Brain is geared to offer effective substitution and automation techniques to your organization. At Planet's Brain, we are passionate about problem solving through the use of Open Source software. We go above and beyond the role of a traditional software firm by brainstorming with you and understanding your challenges to come up with tailor made, functional solutions. It is our Vision to partner with our clients in realizing their business objectives and goals by offering them easy to access, functional and ethical software. Our Mission is to continuously better our software offerings by keeping with current trends and investing in a vibrant, synergetic, knowledge driven team. We strive to be client centric by never forgetting the key objective driving software development; client satisfaction and goal attainment..

Every ally of web designing, software development at Planet's Brain Software is marked with exhaustive experts and software architects from strolls of the industry. Their main aim is to serve the purpose of showcasing the world a professional and cost effective software solution that serves all the interior corporate needs so that it works excellently well with their clients.