Technologies we are working :

Web Technologies

Planet's Brain are specialized and have expert team to work on Docker, AngularJS, ASP.Net, BackboneJS, bootstrap, CSS, Google Web Toolkit, HTML, HTML5, jquery, JSF, MVC Framework, Prototype Framework, Java/J2EE, Spring framework, Hibernate, Web Services, RESTful Web Services


Planet's Brain helps organizations to extend their business to mobile devices. We provides technical and domain experts in mobile application platform to build, run and manage mobile applications. We are expert on building mobile application on Android, iOS, Ionic Framework, Xamarin framework

Cloud Computing

There are certain technologies working behind the cloud computing platforms making cloud computing flexible, reliable, and usable. We have experties on AWS and AZURE clouds.
Virtualization, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Grid Computing and Utility Computing

Agile and Devops

DevOps brings more flexibility on top of the Agile model. With continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines, you can make sure that you can release often and the releases actually work and meet the customer needs. Cooperation between the development team and IT operations ensures that also the used tools are streamlined and do not form bottlenecks. With the effective tools, repetitive work can be automated and transparency is improved. Thus all the involved parties have comprehensive visibility into the project

Big Data & Database

Big data is often associated with cloud computing because the analysis of big data sets in real-time requires a platform like Hadoop to store large data sets across a distributed cluster and MapReduce to coordinate, combine and process data from multiple sources. We have technical experts in Apache Hadoop, Machine Learning, MapReduce, Cassandra, ElasticSearch to build scalable solutions and help organization

Open Source

Planet's Brain team is expert in using, implementing industry standard open source software, APIs to build software. Planet's Brain team believe in open source software to proprietary software for important, long-term projects. Because the source code for open source software is distributed publicly, users that rely on software for critical tasks can be sure their tools won't disappear.